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union public school | sasniIt was felt for a long time that there should be a C.B.S.E school at Sasni , Hathras because the surrounding area of Sasni is developed and prosperious but backword in the field of educations due to lack Educational Institute that can impart modern education that can fulfil of the day. thats why the Parents send their Children to another towns for study. This situation is very trouble some and expensive .
Some of Telented Student can not go out due to lack of Transport and high expenditure . They have to admitted in low standrard School where their talents vanished :)

Union Public School is Established to solve all above problems and to impart complete and mordern education education in healthy enviorment well maintained laoratory , Library computer lab , Project hall and play ground will surely excite the students to learn.

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union public school | sasni Union Public School , believes in and roots for TOTAL QUALITY EDUCATION which aims at developing the whole child who makes ‘excellence in all endeavours’ a habit and a way of life. Excelling at academics goes hand in hand with participating in value-based healthy, constructive pursuits and a wide range of co-curricular activities. 
True education is much more than just collecting / gathering facts. It should lead to more FORMATION than mere INFORMATION. At the emphasis is more on understanding a concept rather than simple memorisation of facts, rules and formula.